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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


"Losing weight is hard. Being fat is hard. Choose your hard."

Day Late

Today was just as successful as yesterday with a healthier diet. An omelet and some salmon was on today's menu. With another 4 mile run and active weightlifting I truly felt I did an accomplished day of work. To be honest running isn't my favorite especially after a large omelet which really made the journey difficult. You know when you eat something really good and filling like the whole family Thanksgiving dinner, then you get right up from that table to walk to the couch, it seems like the longest journey of your life. That is exactly what it is like to eat a good breakfast and attempt a run afterwards. I am going to make a few changes to tomorrow's workout, but for the most part my progress is truly coming along...maybe my writing skills will improve some too. 

My First Day of Focus

Beginning this blog you need to know a bit about me. I am about to start school in August and I am not only looking for a way to get ready for fall sports, but look better and feel better too. I began my morning by waking up at 8, but that was only because I couldn't sleep in for the life of me. I ate some cinnamon apple toast for a filling breakfast full of carbohydrates. Then, I sat down and fell into the lazy groove of watching television. Once I'm down for a nice movie it becomes a fight to get myself up. Now I know better not to do that anymore and it is all part of this fitness experience. After the movie I was able to roll off the couch and go for a run. I ran 4 miles on my usual route, but I have read that you shouldn't have a normal route because eventually your body gets into a grove of something and that route becomes easier and less beneficial for you. This run is always hard to get myself to do, but once I decide it's happening it becomes easier. After my run I made lunch. I prepared leftover salmon and steamed broccoli with a avocado spread on top. This was delicious, filling, and healthy. Then I watched a little television to rest up before heading out to lift. I created a workout of my own that focused on what I wanted to achieve. It was a balanced mix of body weight workouts that help me condition, and lifting to focus on strength and balance. This is my first post and will be the only post that focuses on a whole day of choices. From now on I will give you an overview of my workout habits and results.